About Us

The saga of Anna-Kitex group commenced with the launch of our key flagship company, Anna Aluminium, in 1968. Sri M.C. Jacob, one of the audacious entrepreneurs in Kerala was the man behind this venture. Today Anna Aluminium is one South India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of classically styled and quality assured aluminium and non-stick cookware products. Our signature brands, Anna and Chakson, offer some finest collections of ISI certified cookware, including aluminium utensils, fabricated vessels, moulded vessels, and hard anodised non-stick cookware for healthy and safe cooking, made of 99.5% pure aluminium ingots. If you’re looking for durable aluminium cookware, non-stick pans, or a complete set of induction-based cookware, your will surely set your eyes on our high quality products, mainly due to their durability, performance, quality, affordable pricing, thus successfully catering to all your culinary needs.

Unique designs and state of the art manufacturing techniques make our products characteristically incomparable and distinctive in the market. Anna Aluminium has a great reputation for rightly combining exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovations, thus creating a range of excellent non-stick as well as aluminium cookware products.

At Anna Aluminium, we follow some highly efficient and effective manufacturing strategies that best match the global standards in aluminium & non-stick cookware manufacturing. In addition to this, we have various other advanced methods to guarantee the quality and usability of our products.

All our products are carefully designed by in-house experts, and are later tested in advanced QA labs that are equipped with Spectro Machines to best assure the purity and quality of the products. The quality and tensile strength of the aluminium used are tested using Universal Testing Machine that helps determine the compliance with norms and standards of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), because, our mission is always to provide super quality products, at affordable price.

Anna & Chakson products are available in all the leading kitchenware stores in India and Middle East Asia.

Anna Product
  • Aluminium Cookware
  • Fabricated Vessels
  • Moulded Vessels
  • Anodised Vessels And Cookware
  • Anodised Vessels And Cookware
  • Aluminium Utensils More Than 600 Varieties
Chakson Product
  • Pressure Cooker Inner Lid Type
  • Thermal Cooker
  • Multi Steamer
  • Chiratta Puttumaker
  • Idli Cookers
  • Non-stick Frying Pan, Thava, Etc.

What makes Anna / Chakson unique?
  • Use of elegant designs & high quality stainless steel and anodized aluminium
  • Gaskets & seals made of food grade nitrile rubber
  • All aluminium utensils are made of 99.5% pure food grade aluminium
  • Heavy anti bulging base
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Specially designed with magnetic steel base; can be used on induction cooktops or stoves