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Anna Outer Lid
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After the remarkable success of Chakson Pressure
Cookers (Inner Lid), Anna Aluminium has now launched Anna Pressure Cookers, one of the premium models of outer lid pressure cookers, manufactured from high-quality, non-magnetic stainless steel.

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Anna Outer Lid Pressure Cookers:

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A trusted and widely recommended name in the world of kitchen appliances, Anna can offer you a range of highly efficient aluminium pressure cookers that are the highly preferred and widely used cooking utensils among the women in Kerala. Made of virgin aluminium that guarantees zero contamination, our pressure cookers are made in compliance with all the globally accepted safety standards, and have unique 3-way safety systems to prevent over-heating and consequent over-pressure. The cookers and handles are made of 99.5% pure aluminium ingots with BIS certification, and are perfect solutions for easy, fast, and enjoyable cooking, without compromising on your safety and security. Every part of the pressure cookers is thoroughly checked many times, during every step of manufacture. This makes Anna Outer Lid Pressure Cookers one of the best kitchen products in the market today.


  • Vent Weight : As soon as the pressure inside the cooker reaches 1.1 kg/cm2, a specially designed vent weight allows excess pressure to be released, thus ensuring your safety.
  • Gasket Release System : When the pressure inside the cooker reaches 2 kg/cm2, the advanced gasket, made of long lasting and durable rubber, releases the excess pressure safely downwards, thus ensuring your security.
  • Safety Valve : Even-if the first and second protective measures fail to work, 100% protection is ensured with the help of an advanced safety valve that gets activated when the pressure inside the cooker reaches 3 kg/cm2.