Chakson Non-Stick Cookware
Chakson Non-Stick

Chakson Non-Stick Cookware Range has become popular
among consumers for its high durability,
scratch resistance and other superior features.

  • Non-stick appachettyNon-stick Appachatty
  • Non-stick concave tawaNon-stick concave tawa
  • Non-stick sauté panNon-stick sauté pan
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Chakson Non-Stick Cookware:

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Let your kitchen showcase some designer non-stick cookware from Anna Aluminium, enough to cater to all your cooking and serving needs! Our non-stick cookware sets are induction friendly, and are made of heavy duty stainless steel, along with heat and chemical resistant non-stick coating for longevity and quality! Chakson non-stick cookware utensils are scratch-resistant, and have extremely smooth non-stick finish on their interiors. Manufactured using first-rate US technology, under strict supervision of internationally trained professionals, all our non-stick cookware utensils have advanced three-layer coating systems that are subjected to a range of health and hygiene tests during various stages of manufacture. The durable thermal bottom of our non-stick cookware will keep food hot and flavoursome for a longer duration. Each non-stick cookware unit of Chakson also has a well-designed handle to protect your hands and wrists from the heat.