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Anna Aluminium, the flagship company of Anna Group, offers a range of premium cookware products under the brand name Chakson. Launched in 1993, Chakson cookware products own an unparalleled repute for providing customers with a comprehensive range of aluminium cookware products that are sleek, modern, highly durable, and reasonably priced. Each cookware is made from 99.5% pure aluminium ingots and carries an authentic BIS certification.

Chakson Multi Steamers and Chakson Puttu maker are the newest additions to our growing collection.

Buy Thermal Cooker Online: Save Fuel & Time With Chakson Thermal Cooker!

Thermal Cooker Anything that saves energy is futuristic, and here’s an amazing product to help you save big on your cooking costs! An innovatively designed and highly durable thermal cooker from Anna, Chakson thermal rice cooker, also known as Choodarapetty, has strong quality vacuum insulations within, to help you cook flavoursome delicacies, thus helping you save about 15-20 percent of your cooking gas consumption each month. Made of strong, sturdy & top quality virgin aluminium ingots with BIS certification, Chakson thermal cooker can help keep food warm for many hours, and can also be used as a thermal cooker to cook hot and mouth-watering meals quickly.

Chakson Choodarapetty is scientifically designed to avoid heat loss via conduction, convection, and radiation, and retains the available heat for a longer time span, thereby letting food items remain adequately cooked and warm.