anna aluminium

Moulded & Fabricated

Looking for elegant pieces of functional vessels to adorn your kitchen cabinet?

Anna offers a wide range of handy, sleek, and non-corrosive aluminium utensils to serve all your kitchen needs. Made of 99% pure aluminium ingots with BIS certification, you can tell our aluminium vessels are built to last. Aluminum boasts a thermal conductivity 16 times that of stainless steel. Or, to put it in simple terms, an aluminum ware will heat up 16 times faster than a stainless steel pot. If you are someone who runs low on patience in the kitchen, aluminum wares will make an excellent choice for you.

Currently, more than 600 Anna Aluminium cookware in a variety of designs are sold all across India through our 1200+ dealer outlets. You can put your money into Anna Aluminium vessels with absolute peace of mind, they are sturdy, functional, and easy on the eye!